This is a Custom Page

That was the H1 tag, while this is the H3 tag.

(This is H2)

What can we put on a custom page?

A custom page can say anything we want. The limit is only our imagination. I don't imagine there is going to be a whole lot of call for pages like this, given the nature of this website, and if it turns out that my imagination is sorely lacking and we need a LOT of these, I think we'll actually install wordpress or joomla as a wrapper to enable easier "blog"-style posting of text pages rather than having someone (me??) constantly creating and editing flat HTML files because, eew. This is a site about history, not a site from history. The only reason this is even here is to prove the concept and stand as a placeholder for some real content sometime in the distant future when content actually gets created.

Because it is flat HTML, we really can do anything here, though, so that's nice. I'm not going to make tables or embed images just to prove a point, because I trust you, dear reader, to understand. Thank you.